Welcome to Vapor Central

Welcome to Vapor Central!

We are a 19+, Bring your own Cannabis Vapor Only Lounge.
We are located just south of Yonge and Bloor, just above Noahs, two doors North of Toronto Hemp Company
We offer a variety of services such as vaporizer demonstrations (Volcanos are free with daily membership),  bong rentals, bong /glass cleaning (starting at $2).

We are a combustion free venue (No use of lighters, Torches, Butane, Flames) with a large variety of vape alternatives for Herb and Concentrate

We require valid photo I.D upon entrance and everyone must bring their own cannabis to enter.

We Do Not allow

  • Alcohol (possession or use)
  • Hemp Wraps
  • Blunts
  • Batching/ mixing Tobacco
  • Grabba
  • Dealing (inside or outside of the building)

About Vapor Central

Vapor Central – Founded in 2007, V.C. (aka ‘The Vapor Lounge’, ‘Vape’, ‘Vapour Central’, etc.) is the trail-blazing space for Cannabis vapor enthusiasts of all stripes.

Events, Shows, Contests, etc.

Weekly and Monthly Events

Monday – “Movie Monday” Starting at 12pm
Tuesday – Karatokee (Every second and fourth Tuesday)
Wednesday – Jazz Night featuring illJarvis (First Wednesday every month)
Thursday – 3rd Klass Thursday Comedy (Every Thurs)
Friday –  Live Music (Every third Friday)
Sunday – Stoner Sundays (Every Sunday)

Every Second & Fourth Tuesday Every Month
$7.50 (with daily membership)

Every First Wednesday of Every Month
Starting at 10pm $10
(with daily membership)

Every Sunday 9pm
(with daily membership)

More details about upcoming events will be posted here…

 Facebook.com/VaporCentral and Instagram.com/VaporCentral


Vapor Central

667 Yonge Street Second Floor

(Just south of Bloor Street in the heart of Toronto)