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Nitish Sakhuja

Stoner Sundays 237 Nitish Sakhuja

POT TV - Stoner Sundays 237 with Nitish Sakhuja Guest hosting Stoner Sunday's inside Vapor Central tonight for the homie Mike Rita! Come on out for a dope ass show! We have a bunch of special guest comedians in town and prizes to give away from The Karma Cup. Get your people ready and come stay warm and high at Torontos best venue and show , Stoner Sundays At Vapor Central. 667 Yonge St 9:20 PM

Photo By @morgandaniellek Follow Mike Rita on Instagram @RitaTheHuman and Twitter @RitaTheSir

Stoner Sundays 230 Nitish Sakhuja

POT TV - Stoner Sundays 230 with Nitish Sakhuja hosting September 6th!! Mike Rita is performing in ‎Bermuda‬ with The Portuguese Kids. Open Mic at Vapor Central is on at 9pm. When i say Karma you say CUP. See you tonight ♡ Focused On The Future Spark It Up Thanks for the help! Showtime 9pm Toronto for Stoner Sundays Open Mic! I'll also be apart of this years Karma Cup which showcases some of the best Medical Marijuana in the country in October. 667 Yonge St. Thank You Home Is Here #Toronto

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