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Jeff Paul

3rd Klass Thursdays 353 Jeff Paul

POT TV - 3RD KLASS THURSDAY 2NITE at Vapor Central It's harvest season! Pluck your nugs and fill your CHRON-ucopia with rutaba-GANJA, DRO-kra, pumpkin SEEDS, HAUL-apeños, and BUDDER-NUG s-KUSH! Swingin' the joke-scythe tonight: Terry Clement! Amanda Day, Jon Schabl, Joe Vu, and your special guest host, I'd say the human sweet potato of comedy but he's really just bitter, Jeff Paul! So make like a confused bisexual who's leaning towards dudes and "go nuts" at Vapor Central tonight, where everybody forgets your name! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO LEGUMES.

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