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Dana Larsen

The History of Cannabis in Canada with Dana Larsen

Tonight Dana Larsen will be at Vapor Central from 9-11pm est, to do a talk and sell copies of the History of Cannabis in Canada. From renowned cannabis activist and author Dana Larsen comes a timely national cannabis history lesson. 132 lavishly illustrated black and white pages take us on a journey from Canada’s first cannabis crop in 1606, to our current muddled situation with medical marijuana. Each page is self-contained and has about 200-300 words, making this book very easy to read and absorb.

TMZ 210 Making Extracts with Owen Smith and Dana Larsen

POT TV - Owen Smith is CONFIRMED via Skype on The Mernahuana Zone with Matt Mernagh Tuesday June 16th 7PM Vapor Central 667 Yonge Street Second Floor. TMZ welcomes cannabis hero Owen Smith on the show as he went the very rare distance and won. We’ll find out what it was like when he heard the news - you won. The west coast advocate is scheduled to appear at 740 EST or 440 PDT.

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