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Andrew Barr

The Sarah Hanlon Show 014 Andrew Barr

THE SARAH HANLON SHOW 013 at Vapor Central tonight with Flats Hanlon with Comedian Andrew Bar. Ever wonder what life as a stand up comedian is like? Comedian Andrew Barr joins the Sarah Hanlon show to share his shenanigans with us. Join us live at Vapor Central to play games and win weedy prizes every monday at 7pm, 667 yonge street. On friday in 24 hours a lot of fucked up shit happened - so much hate.

The CK POTcast 132 Hunter Collins Andrew Barr

POT TV - THE CK-POTcast! After a week of sobriety working for TIFF I am back at the beautifully renovated Vapor Central! And fuck off do we have a show tonight! The big man K. Trevor Wilson is in L.A. being wicked awesome, so filling in as guest host, King of Humility, International Television Juggernaut, Big Game, Hunter "Weekendman" Collins. Our guest tonight, from Guts for Laughs and Yuk Yuks, comedian Andrew Bar. We are live right after The Sarah Hanlan Show featuring Mike Rita!
The Sarah Hanlan Show 7pm

The CK POTcast 121 Hunter Collins

POT TV - THE CK-POTcast! Tonight, get ready for a slobberknocker of a show. Two of Vapor Centrals best comics sit down to cover for K. Trevor Wilson and ME! Sitting in my chair, the weekend man, big game, international television juggernaut, the king of humility, I call him H-MAN, you know him as the Draw, the self proclaimed top 5 people of all time, Hunter Collins. And sitting beside him, he's got more STD's than the centre for disease control, his balls are so dirty, psychedelic mushrooms grow on them, for him anal is first base, his dick reeks, it's Bryan O'Gorman! And their guest, this Andrew Barr fellow. Enjoy the show stoners, I'm back next week!!! 9pm Vapor Central. — with Matt Oliver, Chris Goodwin, Hunter Collins, Sean Brady, K. Trevor Wilson, Bryan O'Gorman and Erin Goodwin at Vapor Central.

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