Rosin Pressing

Are you an avid dabber or someone just looking to dip their feet into the world of concentrates? We’ve got some exciting news for all of you…Vapor central is home to two different rosin presses!

Whether you want to turn a little bud into your first solventless rosin dab, or you are interested in having us transform a larger sack into a parchment full of goodness – inquire at the Bar!

What is Rosin Pressing?

Our Presses…



Create your own concentrates at Vapor Central! The ROSINBOMB Rocket is compact yet powerful.┬áIt’s small enough to fit on our bar, and will apply 1,500+ lbs of force.

Able to crush up to 2 grams, depending the density of your material

Only $5 to press up to 2 grams!

The Rosinbud M1


The Rosinbud M1 is a special press we use to make “Rosin Cups”….

Did you have some rosin pressed on our ROSINBOMB? Ask us at the bar about turning your freshly pressed rosin into a delicious “Rosin Cup” for only another $5