3rd Klass Thursdays 356 Cal Post

POT TV - 3RD KLASS THURSDAY 2NITE at Vapor Central Smoke that true dope with Trudeau, you know it's true doe! Come bust a gut and some nugs while these goons entertain you: Marc Hallworth! Patrick Hakeem! Michael Harrison! Camille Côté! And your host, the beast with the piece and the bully with the fully, Cal "Get Fucked" Post! Now that the pot activists will soon have nothing to fight for, come watch them work on their resumés in the back of the room for extra laughs! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO HELVETICA.

Weedy Wednesdays 436 Bryan O'Gorman

POT TV - Weedy Wednesdays 436 Bryan O'Gorman Come celebrate like a flamboyant Frenchman trying to piss off his old boss tonight at Weedy Wednesdays! Last chance to see Australian headliner Jacques Barrett in Toronto, so put on your best anal beads and get down to Vapor Central! PLUS I fuck the news off the top with stories about the Canadian election, the future of back to the future's future in the future AND Disney's entrance into prosthetic limb market. ALSO, we giveaway a goddamn mother fuckin bong! 9pm doors, 12am orgy, 2am samba classes. 667 YoNgE sTrEeT dOwNtOwN dAnS lE 6iX!!

The Sarah Hanlon Show 010 Jodie Emery

THE SARAH HANLON SHOW 010 at Vapor Central tonight with Flats Hanlon we have everybody's favorite Emery Jodie Emery and I talk about Why we love Weed when we started smoking and when we realized it was actually something we were very passionate about Most enjoyable parts of activism vs. most powerful (are they one in the same) Getting Close to the Election Mock Election At VC Liberals on legalization how do we strategic vote - do we as pothead have a duty to Trudeau this year.

Stoner Sundays 236 Mike Rita

POT TV - Stoner Sundays 235 with Mike Rita Getting ready to host Stoner Sundays tonight at 9:20 PM on the dot tonight because we have a bunch of special guest comedians in town and prizes to give away from The Karma Cup. Get your people ready and come stay warm and high at Torontos best venue and show , Stoner Sundays At Vapor Central. 667 Yonge St 9:20 PM

Photo By @morgandaniellek Follow Mike Rita on Instagram @RitaTheHuman and Twitter @RitaTheSir

Election Night 2015 Matt Mernagh & Marc Emery

Election Night SPECIAL Monday October 19th 2015 The Mernahuana Zone & Marc Emery team up to see how Canadian cannabis enthusiast vote this election, or don’t. Cannabis Canada Style. TMZ host Matt Mernagh is primed for this Federal political party and is ready to make instant, immediate, indepth analysis of Marijuana Madness voting results as they happen. Marc Emery smokes a gram for every vote. Our financial analysis Wolf of Weed Street kicks off our election coverage with predictions and possible market reactions. After east coast votes are tallied we have host of Pot Stocks Radio..

The Karma Cup 2015 LIVE at Vapor Central

Vapor Central is hosting two days of the three day event The Karma Cup and we will be broadcasting the entire thing LIVE Saturday October 17th from 6pm to 1am, and Sunday October 18th at Vapor Central from 11am to 6pm... If you are in the neighborhood, stop by Vapor Central check out our amazing new renovations. While you are there jump on our free Wi-Fi. Password is: thekarmacup

‪#TheKarmaCup #Cuptober #VaporCentral #AreYouElite? @thekarmacup @vaporcentral

TMZ 225 Elections Cannabis

POT TV - The Mernahuana Zone with Matt Mernagh & co-host Lisa Campbell at Vapor Central. Will Marijuana Legalization Drive Young Canadian Voters to the Polls? We asked Rob Ford but he turned us down. The pothead vote is real, and it's spectacular, according to an exclusive poll provided to TMZ. This time around, bong-hitting youngsters may yet amble to their local school gymnasium and cast a ballot, and probably not one for Stephen Harper.

3rd Klass Thursdays 355 Hunter Collins

POT TV - 3RD KLASS THURSDAY 2NITE at Vapor Central After knocking off the Rangers, our baseball team has a few days off - who knows? The Blue Jays might rest their throwing arms by bringing GREEN Js up to their beaks at VC tonight! We could see Edwin En-CHRON-acion! Marcus DRO-man! Justin SMOKE! Jose Bau-TWIST-a! Even manager John Gib-BONGS! Worst case, you still get to see the comedy of Steph Tolev! Tim Golden! Pat Burtscher! James Kersley! Marty B Right! And your host, a man who's the perfect amount of modest -more modest than you, anyway- Hunter "Festival Favorite" Collins! Get to the bottom of YOUR 8th at VC, where the balls ain't fly but the honies always are! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO BEER-SOAKED BABIES.

Weedy Wednesdays 435 Bryan O'Gorman

POT TV - Weedy Wednesdays 435 Bryan O'Gorman Tonight at Vapor Central, stand-up comedy from Jacques Barrett, Pat Burtscher, Danish Anwar and more! ALSO I fuck the news with stories about singing tampons, Newfoundland's voting rituals and hologram video games! PLUS we do an update on Stephen Harper's kitten rape conviction stemming from a 1996 frat party I made up. Big big time to be had, FREE BONG GIVEAWAY AND CHANCE TO GET PREGNANT, 9PM doors, come all villians and whores. We alwayz have more fun than you, so come be us too. 667 yOnGe StReEt DoWnToWn DaNs Le 6iX


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