The Sarah Hanlon Show 014 Andrew Barr

THE SARAH HANLON SHOW 013 at Vapor Central tonight with Flats Hanlon with Comedian Andrew Bar. Ever wonder what life as a stand up comedian is like? Comedian Andrew Barr joins the Sarah Hanlon show to share his shenanigans with us. Join us live at Vapor Central to play games and win weedy prizes every monday at 7pm, 667 yonge street. On friday in 24 hours a lot of fucked up shit happened - so much hate.

Stoner Sundays 240 Mike Rita

POT TV - Stoner Sundays 240 with Mike Rita Sitting at CIRV.FM doing the radio interview to promo my sisters show on the 22nd of November, and helping promote tonight's Stoner Sundays at Vapor Central. #‎StonerSundays‬ all I can think about is how many times growing up i heard their jingle "88 point 9 , CIRV FM TOR-RONNNN-TOOO" now I'm on the other side... Thank God for elementary portuguese classes #PureAzorian #VaiOuManata — at CIRV-FM.

3rd Klass Thursdays 359 Hunter Collins

POT TV - 3RD KLASS THURSDAY 2NITE at Vapor Central It's my last hosting stint of the month before I travel to Yellowknife tomorrow and hotbox the aurora borealis so hard they're gonna rename that place YellowHOTKnives! Plus tonight, we bid a special VC adieu to one of our most cherished dynamos -Steph Tolev- doing her last Thursday show for a while before she dekes down to The States! Rounding out the bill: Jeff Paul! Clare Belford! Meg MacKay! Vest of Friends! And your host, a rock-hard monolith of unbridled humility, Hunter "The King of Modesty" Collins! So make like an obese grandpa in a motorized Rascal wheelchair ascending Mount Everest and "scoot up" to VC, where it's always cloudy with a chance of baaaaaaked! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO BO-STAFF.

Weedy Wednesdays 439 Hunter Collins

POT TV - Weedy Wednesdays 439 Hunter Collins WILL TOUCH YOUR SOUL/BUTT AT VAPOR CENTRAL TONIGHT!! My brother from a french mother, Hunter Collins is guestghosting again with headliner and front runner to be cast in the upcoming blockbuster movie, 'Hipster Robin Hood' Andrew Barr!! Also on the show, winner of best female stand up in NOW magazines something something she rules, Sandra Battaglini!! As well as four eyed joke slayer Julia Hladkowicz and east coast dynamo/actual stalking victim Dave Burke!! Shit is gonna be fresher than plastic wrap inside a zip lock bag. 9PM DOORS 667 YoNgE sTrEeT dOwNtOwN dAnS Le 6iX
cum sea.

TMZ 229 Greg de Hoedt & David Malmo-Levine

POT TV - The Mernahuana Zone with Matt Mernagh & co-host Lisa Campbell at Vapor Central. Retail Cannabis Invades UK & VanCity. Tues on weekly weed webcast The Mernahuana Zone we get updates on cannabis retailing in UK and Vancouver. Despite police raids, cannabis coffeeshops have remained open in Britain and more are coming. Police have been unable to shutdown the first retailer because mass protests keep them open.

The CK POTcast 139 Stephanie Tolev Cal Post K Trevor Wilson

POT TV - THE CK-POTcast with Cal Post! EPISODE 139! We get high and break down the motha fuckin news! We've got stories, jokes, and lots of tokes with our guest Stephanie Tolev. And the return of the big man K. Trevor Wilson!
— with Matt Oliver and 4 others at Vapor Central.

7PM - The Sarah Hanlon Show! Get ready for Sarah Hanlon, the hippiest of the hip, bringing you all the latest in what's WHAT! DON'T MISS IT!

The Sarah Hanlon Show 013 Housekeeping Episode

THE SARAH HANLON SHOW 013 at Vapor Central tonight with Flats Hanlon Housekeeping Episode with Queen KJB ... finally just clearin house and talking about everything we have missed and the new cabinet and anything we want, ask anything , anyone who wants to come up pls do. You want the latest on everything entertainment? What shows are hot!? What movies SUCK?! Who's fucking who in the WHAT!? All the time getting' high as shit! You can't miss SHS with Sarah Hanlon! 7PM

Stoner Sundays 239 Mike Rita

POT TV - Stoner Sundays 239 with Nitish Sakhuja Thank you to Brian from The Portuguese Kids for helping me realize what Canadians sound like to Americans and helping promote tonight's Stoner Sundays at Vapor Central. @theportuguesekids ‪#‎StonerSundays‬ I've been doing a lot of interviews for portuguese media outlets and they're really helping the push for my sisters show on November 22nd in Brampton. Please , if you're free at 4 PM on the 22nd of this month I'd love to have you in the audience. I'll be putting on the most important show I've ever produced.

3rd Klass Thursdays 358 Hunter Collins

POT TV - 3RD KLASS THURSDAY 2NITE at Vapor Central The harvest is upon us! Bring all the squashes and gourds you've turned into bongs to tonight's show and let's see who's the last to green out on greens! In addition to a BRAND NEW Fine Print slideshow, we've got Nigel Grinstead! Alex Wood! Nick Martinello! Cara Connors! And your host, a meek legend who can only be described as a modest inspiration to all, Hunter "The Draw" Collins! Make like a 1-percenter faced with a starving, prone street person and "walk over" to VC, where the nugs is tight but you ain't! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO HEEBIES OR JEEBIES.

Women Grow Toronto: Signature Networking Event with Nazlee Maghsoudi

Join us at Centre for Social Innovation for the November Women Grow Toronto Signature Thursday Networking Event! This months event will feature Nazlee Maghsoudi, BComm, MGA the Knowledge Translation Manager at the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) and board member of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP). Nazlee will be presenting on ICSDP's recent #CannabisClaims campaign and convincing evidence-based scientific arguments to debunk myths about cannabis.


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