The Sarah Hanlon Show 015 Katia J Kush

THE SARAH HANLON SHOW 015 at Vapor Central hosted by Flats Hanlon with Katia J Kush from National Access Cannabis. Leading provider of #medicalcannabis support services via safe & responsible care centers to help Canadians navigate the complex medical marijuana system. Join us live at Vapor Central to play games and win weedy prizes every monday at 7pm, 667 yonge street.

Stoner Sundays 241 Mike Rita

POT TV - Stoner Sundays 241 with Mike Rita Feat Champ Kind @DavidKoechner from Anchorman Today is the day , if you're wondering "Can I get tickets at the door" yes you can. Mike Rita´s fundraiser for his sister who is battling breast cancer. On the show there´s Keith Pedro, Matt O'Brien, Kenny Robinson and yours truly. Hosted by Mikey. If you are around there, come! it´s a great cause and a killer line-up. See poster for details.

Weedy Wednesdays 440 Bryan O'Gorman

POT TV - Weedy Wednesdays 440 Bryan O'Gorman TORONTOOO, Ol' Blue Googley Eyes is home and askin for trouble like a mayor and a rap star at a crack house tonight at Vapor Central!! HUGE lineup tonight Including headliner/slow jam aficionado Ron Josol!! Host of the deadly poscast 'This Week in Outrage,' Nick Beaton will be here too along with all star jokeonauts Jeff Elliott and Jag Ghankas!! ALSO, I fuck the news off the top with stories about psycho Canadians, Charlie Sheen's dick and Sea World's plan to construct the world's first hotel made entirely of dolphin bonez!! FREE BONG GIVEAWAY AND REASON TO LIVE!!
Good to be back wearing the saddle or whatever the saying is (I don't judge) 9PM 667 yOnGe StReEt DoWnToWn DaNs Le 6iX! cum.

TMZ 230 Mexico Toronto Nanaimo Oh My

POT TV - The Mernahuana Zone with Matt Mernagh & co-host Lisa Campbell at Vapor Central. In response to a recent court ruling allowing four people to grow and consume cannabis, The Mernahuana Zone explores Mexico’s marijuana scene with Skype guest Brun Gonzales, who Vice describes as, “his body is walking drugs.” Gonzales appears to always be down for a trip, having visited us last winter during Canadian Student Sensible for Drug Policy Conference and he’s in Washington D.C.

The CK POTcast 140 Nick Beaton Cal Post K Trevor Wilson

POT TV - THE CK-POTcast with Cal Post! 9PM - THE CK-POTcast! K. Trevor Wilson is back for two weeks in a row!! That never happens. We've got the mother fucking news and our guest tonight, comedian Nick Beaton. I'm sure we'll get into some sort of heated debate about something. DON'T MISS IT! 7PM - THE SARAH HANLON SHOW! Tonight, it's more of the tie dye, long nailed, craziness of entertainment guru Sarah Hanlon! Her guest tonight, comedian Andrew Barr! They get into the comedy lifestyle and more!

The Sarah Hanlon Show 014 Andrew Barr

THE SARAH HANLON SHOW 013 at Vapor Central tonight with Flats Hanlon with Comedian Andrew Bar. Ever wonder what life as a stand up comedian is like? Comedian Andrew Barr joins the Sarah Hanlon show to share his shenanigans with us. Join us live at Vapor Central to play games and win weedy prizes every monday at 7pm, 667 yonge street. On friday in 24 hours a lot of fucked up shit happened - so much hate.

Stoner Sundays 240 Mike Rita

POT TV - Stoner Sundays 240 with Mike Rita Sitting at CIRV.FM doing the radio interview to promo my sisters show on the 22nd of November, and helping promote tonight's Stoner Sundays at Vapor Central. #‎StonerSundays‬ all I can think about is how many times growing up i heard their jingle "88 point 9 , CIRV FM TOR-RONNNN-TOOO" now I'm on the other side... Thank God for elementary portuguese classes #PureAzorian #VaiOuManata — at CIRV-FM.

3rd Klass Thursdays 359 Hunter Collins

POT TV - 3RD KLASS THURSDAY 2NITE at Vapor Central It's my last hosting stint of the month before I travel to Yellowknife tomorrow and hotbox the aurora borealis so hard they're gonna rename that place YellowHOTKnives! Plus tonight, we bid a special VC adieu to one of our most cherished dynamos -Steph Tolev- doing her last Thursday show for a while before she dekes down to The States! Rounding out the bill: Jeff Paul! Clare Belford! Meg MacKay! Vest of Friends! And your host, a rock-hard monolith of unbridled humility, Hunter "The King of Modesty" Collins! So make like an obese grandpa in a motorized Rascal wheelchair ascending Mount Everest and "scoot up" to VC, where it's always cloudy with a chance of baaaaaaked! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO BO-STAFF.

Weedy Wednesdays 439 Hunter Collins

POT TV - Weedy Wednesdays 439 Hunter Collins WILL TOUCH YOUR SOUL/BUTT AT VAPOR CENTRAL TONIGHT!! My brother from a french mother, Hunter Collins is guestghosting again with headliner and front runner to be cast in the upcoming blockbuster movie, 'Hipster Robin Hood' Andrew Barr!! Also on the show, winner of best female stand up in NOW magazines something something she rules, Sandra Battaglini!! As well as four eyed joke slayer Julia Hladkowicz and east coast dynamo/actual stalking victim Dave Burke!! Shit is gonna be fresher than plastic wrap inside a zip lock bag. 9PM DOORS 667 YoNgE sTrEeT dOwNtOwN dAnS Le 6iX
cum sea.


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