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Vapor Central is OPEN 11:00am~1:00am EVERYDAY to ALL ADULTS 18+

$5 ALL Daily Membership, $12 Weekly Membership, $25 Monthly Membership, $95 Yearly Membership.

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667 Yonge Street Second Floor
Toronto Ontario Canada M4Y 1Z9

TORONTO 1-416-923-3556
TOLL FREE 1-866-782-7294

Open 11am to 1am Everyday
Email [email protected]

We are a Bring-Your-Own 18+Only Cannabis Vaporizing / Medical Testing Lounge located in the heart of Downtown Toronto's 'Yongesterdam' We provide a clean, safe, comfortable lounge environment for our patrons to consume cannabis and feature live entertainment at least 5 nights a week from comedy and music to live informational variety shows. Every party is required to bring their own cannabis. No Asking, No Dealing, No Fishing, No Mooching Inside or Outside of the building. Asking the staff and bothering other customers is especially prohibited.

$5 Daily Membership is required. Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly also available. Medical users are welcome and encouraged to enjoy our inclusive and non-judgmental atmosphere. Vaporizers are included with your Daily Membership and our friendly knowledgeable staff is always here to give tutorials or help you with any of our equipment or any questions you may have. Strictly Cannabis Only - No Tobacco of ANY kind (including blunts) whether on its own or mixed. No Alcohol is allowed on the premises. No Salvia, synthetics, 'bath-salts', 'spice', or any other non-cannabis products are allowed. Please make sure everyone in your party understands the rules, and is respectful towards our environment, prior to entry. =)

Vapor Central / Vapour Central / Vape Central / VapeCentral | The Vapor Lounge / Vapour Lounge / Vape Lounge / Vapor Club / Vapour Club | Toronto

Vapor Central (a.k.a. Vapour Central) is THE (largest, coolest, greatest, original, ground-breaking, amazing, etc.) Toronto Vapor Lounge (a.k.a. Vapour Lounge a.k.a Vape Lounge). What is a Vapor Lounge? Well, that's something we make up as we go a-bong. Vapor Central is a lot of things to a lot of people! Part vaporizer and accessory and refreshment shop and vaporizer testing / comparison spot, part comedy and live music (etc.) club, part kushy chillaxin vape-tastic lounge space. VC is also Toronto's primary meeting space and cozy resource center for medical marijuana (a.k.a. medicinal cannabis) patients, enthusiasts and 'activists.' Vape with us!

Vapor Central is located in the very heart of downtown Toronto on the second floor of 667 Yonge Street, right next door to the massive, 7500 square foot Toronto Hemp Company (THC) Cannabis Culture Superstore (Hemp Shop / Pipe and Bong Shop / Glass Gallery and Vapor Shop / Medical Marijuana Grow Shop, etc., all-in-one!

We are just south of Yonge and Charles, and only a block south of the Yonge & Bloor Subway Station.

Come visit our members-only vaporizer testing lounge, or browse the selection of vaporizers and vaporizing accessories available for experimentation, rental and/or purchase at VC!.


We are also host to many cannabis community events, including Stoner Sundays, 3rd Klass Thursdays, Live Music Fridays & Saturdays, 420, and much more...

And of course, while serving as the primary resource center for Medical Marijuana / Medicinal Cannabis vaporization in Toronto we also strive to provide you the most useful Information about Vaporizers and Vaporization available!

2016 HOURS... OPEN 11:00am~1:00am EVERYDAY


Visit our Members-Only Lounge just $5 for the day. Or purchase a Week Membership for $12, Monthly Membership for $25, or Yearly for $95...

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