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Weedy Wednesdays 428 Bryan O'Gorman

POT TV - Weedy Wednesdays 428 Bryan O'Gorman WINNER WINNER CHICKEN WEARING SUNGLASSES DINNER! Weedy Wednesday is tonight! Amazing lineup including Arthur Simeon, Daniel Woodrow and Alex Wood!! ALSO, I Fuck the News with stories about the Canadian election, Cars being hacked via text message PLUS the most exciting thing to happen in a marathon EVER next to when they drink water and run at the same time! 9pmDoors 667 Yonge Street Downtown in Le Six! Cum Sea!!

THIS IS MY OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN PHOTO FOR THIS YEAR'S CANADIAN ELECTIONS. Gonna take over the hair game in Canada the same way Trump is in the states. I'm not running for office tho, just running around in the park for a bit with a kite maybe and then taking a four hour long nap under an umbrella tree like a champion Tennessee sweat hog. I'M A FAMILY MAN NOW (see: cat), SO YOU CAN TOTALLY TRUST THAT IS THE TRUTH. VOTE FOR WHOEVER! NOT ME THO. #‎weedywendsdays‬ Tonight along with a stacked lineup of heavy hitters including JFL features & TV writers & World traveling comedian Bryan O'Gorman Hosting ! Its gonna be a fantastic night of laughter in a pot filled modern day speakeasy $10. BYOP — at Vapor Central.

Come celebrate this beautiful Weedy Wednesday comedy night like a naked warmonger with two months left in power!! Comics...

Posted by Bryan O'Gorman on Wednesday, August 5, 2015