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Opus LIVE 036 Back From The Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup

POT TV - Join us today for Opus LIVE 'On the fly from the PMHC' Mik Mann and Tracy Curley are pulling an all-nighter at the Skunk Funk after party but will be back from the Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup early Monday morning. Tune into a total 'on the fly from the PMHC' report hours old plus video and with luck special guest Jennifer Collett could win a BOSS vapor pen, a years subscription to SKUNK magazine or marijuana from Who Cares Get Doped or Bud Buddy dot Biz
LIVE from Vapor Central 667 Yonge st every Monday 7-9pm and on

Vapor Central Half Price Membership Sale

Starting Wednesday October 1st 2014, Vapor Central is having it's annual Half Price Membership Sale. Regular prices $5 Daily, $12 Weekly remain the same, but for $25 Monthly and $95 Yearly Memberships, you get them for $12.50 and $47.50.

50% OFF a full month or a full year pass to the THE (largest, coolest, greatest, original, ground-breaking, amazing, etc.) Toronto Vapor Lounge (a.k.a. Vapour Lounge).

3rd Klass Thursdays 302 Hunter The Draw Collins

POT TV - 3RD KLASS THURSDAYS 302nd SHOW 2NITE at Vapor Central It's straight-up fall now, so the yuppie fucks are gonna start sprinkling pumpkin spice into their phat Js! Well I say phooey to that hogwash! The only thing real Gs sprinkle into Js is more of that endo smoke! And some krokodil! Come see these comics high on krokodil tonight: Jeff Paul! Jarrett Campbell! Clare Belford!

Weedy Wednesdays 382 Bryan O'Gorman

POT TV - Eyoooo, wicked show tonight as always at Vapor Central. In the stand up portion of our show, World class headliner and sex doll enthusiast, Rob Bebenek will be rawkun ze mic with psycho pstage killers, Mark DeBonis and Tim Nasiopoulos from Comedy Records kickin off the shizzzowww. PLUS we guess what the Toronto mayoral candidate's internal monologues are, show some glorious ostrich footage AND of course we talk about that crazy three titted bitch from Florida... because she deserves it.

TMZ 172 The Great Saskatoon Marijuana Strain Hunt

POT TV - The Great Saskatoon Marijuana Strain Hunt takes place during Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup and it’s looking like hunting season is going to be very stoney. After last years Saskatoon strain hunting season I was able to complete a huge a chunk of my cannabis strain guide, but required a long break afterward. Now in the final writing stages, I anticipate this marijuana strain hunt will almost finish the book.

Opus LIVE 035 Funtime Fudge Challenge Take 2

POT TV - Opus LIVE 035 September 22nd I think we’re good to go, the ‘Funtime Fudge Challenge take 2. Unforeseen problems prevented last weeks challenge but we have it together now so it’s take 2 on my attempt to eat a whole pan of medicated fudge. World leaders explain how to get out of the drug war, they should know, they started it. Ontario government wants to fix netflix, I didn’t think it was broken, special guest tba plus your chance to win marijuana both in the lounge and online viewers too and every week we give away a years subscription to SKUNK magazine.

The CK POTcast 082 JFL 42

POT TV - THE CK-POTcast It's Monday and FUCK YEA! On the show tonight, international, television juggernaut Hunter Collins get's high with our guest, the ass tattooed Andrew Barr! Get ready for some fucked up shit! 9pm Vapor Central. It's JFl42 week and tonight kicks off the CK-POTcast this week! If you miss this show, you're an idiot! 9pm Vapor Central. That's right YOU! You know who are, YOU! And if YOU don't come I will shit.

Stoner Sundays 182 Mike Rita

POT TV - What a beautiful show last night at The Panasonic Theater! HUMONGOUS shoutout to Neil Bansil for putting and creating this show. Also shout out to all the comics who smashed and to the host for calling me Mark Rita in front of 600 people tonight we continue the good times at Vapor Central with STONER SUNDAYS ! And we have some guests comics from America who were at the show last night. Tonight's shows is expected to fill up, so college/university people, people who don't work tomorrow and stoners who like comedy ! Get there around 9pm to make sure you get some seats !! 9pm 667 Yonge st!!!


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