Weedy Wednesdays 409 Dred Lee

POT TV - WEEDY WEDNESDAYS 409 at Vapor Central TONIGHT IN TORONTO IS GUNNAH BE CRRRRAAAAZZZAYYYY, Mastah Killah, Dred Lee guest hosts another amazing lineup of joke slangaz including headliner and coconut oil pusher extraordinaire, Monty Scott!! PLUS Support acts Steve Dylan and Nigel Grainfed are no jokes, super jokes and will make you wish you were born with more orifices to laugh out of!! ALSO A FREE BONG GIVEAWAY and enough memories packed into one night to forget for a lifetime! 9pm 667 YoNgE sTrEeT dOwNwToWn T-dAwT!! CUM!!!

— with Chris Goodwin and 5 others at Vapor Central.

HASHMOB MARCH 11AM to NOON Monday April 20th 2015

POT TV - MARCH with the HASHMOB 11AM to NOON | Monday April 20th 2015 | from Vapor Central at Yonge & Charles to Yonge & Dundas Square for 420 Toronto 2015. For the HASHMOB, our 420 March is an important team building exercise. We want to allow everyone the full 420 Global Marijuana March experience. Last year we had caravans of stoners, costumes, dozens of flag waivers. Let's do it bigger in 2015.


TMZ 199 Alaska Thunder Fuck It I Quit with Charlo Greene

POT TV - The Mernahuana Zone with Matt Mernagh & Lisa Campbell. The Alaska Thunderfuck, Mantuska Thunderfuck, apparently Alaskans mother fucking swear when it comes to their cannabis. Did Alaskan pothead potty mouth Charlo Greene’s controversial on air resignation throw the marijuana legalization vote overtop in that state? Find out Tuesday March 31 on The Mernahuana Zone 720-1020pm EST.

The CK POTcast 109 Amanda Day

POT TV - THE CK-POTcast! Is it Monday? Jesus! Here we go again! Tonight on the show, host of Stoned Up Comedy @ The Hotbox, Amanda Day! Come on down to Vapor Central, get real high, and we will meet at the corner of time and space where thought and reality are indistinguishable, and all your greed and hate fade away revealing the universe as it exists only in your mind, one of true love and pure beauty......and blowjobs. 9pm, it's Cal Post, it's K. Trevor Wilson, and it's the CK-POTcast. 9pm at the greatest Vapor lounge in the universe, Vapor Central.

Stoner Sundays 209 Mike Rita

POT TV - Stoner Sundays SHOW 209!! Mike Rita is on Tour, but BACK tonight at Vapor Central Just found out that i get to fly back to Toronto tonight before flying out to California! Which means ill get to host my beautiful Stoner Sundays at Vapor Central !!! This is going to be a rare appreance for the next couple months as ill be touring around Canada so if you want to have a fun night of comedy and weed TONIGHTS THE NIGHT !!! 9PM ritathehuman 37 minutes ago · Halifax Stanfield International Airport Love life and it will love you back. Been a fun east coast trip. Toronto see you tonight! #StonerSundays #Porter #Toronto #Halifax #YukYuks #VaporCentral #CelebrationDabs #DoubleDab #NfldWax #LastOfTheWax #IWantTorontoShadder

TMZ 198 Secret Toronto Marijuana Experiment Exposed

POT TV - The Mernahuana Zone with Matt Mernagh & Lisa Campbell. TMZ is very excited to interview Doreen Brown, who participated in an Ontario government sponsored Toronto marijuana study from 1972 that is so unusual you have to tune in 720pm EST on Tuesday March 24. The proposal had to be like a pitch for Big Brother Canada - imagine twenty young women living in a Toronto house with no contact with the outside world, given ganja to inhale daily by nurses and to determine cannabis effects on productivity encourage them to make handmade belts to earn income.

The CK POTcast 108 Jeff Elliott

POT TV - THE CK-POTcast! Tonight, following Big Brother Canada with Vapor Central's own Sarah Hanlon, we have THE CK_POTcast! Our guest tonight, funny man, roast master, and all around great guy Jeff Elliot! It's news, it's social commentary, it's an exploration of the mind, it's never researched, it's fucking rude, it's Cal Post, it's K. Trevor Wilson, and it's the CK-POTcast. 9pm at the greatest Vapor lounge in the universe, Vapor Central.

Big Brother Canada 3: Vapor Central Hemployee Sarah Hanlon

Sarah Hanlon A free-spirited Hemployee from Toronto and self-proclaimed grown-up version of Lisa Simpson. Age: 27 Hometown: Toronto, ON Occupation: Hemployee at Vapor Central Big Brother Canada will return for Season 3 with a new home right here on Global! Season premiere Monday, March 23 at 8 et/pt. Once again, the 'Big Brother Canada' team has outdone themselves and hand-picked a really diverse group of individuals from all walks of life, Canada met a varsity football player, a plus-size model, a swingin’ yogi, a girl next door, a "hemployee," and a jocular conservative. Following a coast-to-coast casting call, the new group of houseguests are moving into a recently renovated "Big Brother Canada" house, outfitted wall-to-wall with cameras and microphones capturing their every move. The houseguests compete for a grand prize of $100,000, a $25,000 gift card from The Brick, and a $10,000 trip of a lifetime.


Stoner Sundays 208 Chris Robinson

POT TV - Stoner Sundays SHOW 208!! Mike Rita is on Tour, tonight at Vapor Central is guest host Chris Robinson !! I'm still touring around , Nfld was amazing all weekend and I cant wait to be back in Toronto in 2 weeks !! But tonight I've got got a special guest host coming in to guest host ... it's Vapor Central favorite and one of the best comedians in Canada Chris Robinson SHOWTIMES 9PM

— with Chris Robinson.

420 Toronto 2015 Monday April 20th 2015 Yonge Dundas Square

POT TV - 420 Toronto 2015 Monday April 20th 2015 Yonge & Dundas Square Noon to 6:00pm Most Up To Date Vendor Site Map & Time Line Of Events. If you’re wandering past Yonge-Dundas Square on April 20 and you happen to notice a giant cloud of smoke, it will probably have something to do with 420 Toronto. “The Toronto 420 Comedy Festival is a free annual event, with a dynamic line up of speakers, bands, performers, and comedians. In addition to showcasing local talent, this festival puts into action the democratic principles cherished by Torontonians in a show of support of Toronto’s cannabis culture.” Kristyn Wong-Tam Councillor, Ward 27 Toronto Centre-Rosedale. Remember how great last year was? Well we’re gonna do it again! Come and join us for another fantastic 420 celebration! There will be bands, comedians and entertainment, and an opportunity for people to get together and celebrate cannabis culture. T-shirts, literature and info will be available at the event. Torontoist




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