420 Toronto 2015 LIVESTREAM 11am to 11pm

POT TV - 420 Toronto 2015 LIVESTREAM Monday April 20th 2015 Yonge & Dundas Square 11am to 11pm. If you’re want to watch 4/20 at Yonge-Dundas Square on April 20th, and you happen to notice live video of a giant cloud of smoke, it will probably have something to do with 420 Toronto.

Hug Your Dealer Day Sunday April 19 2015

CANNABIS CULTURE - Leading up to the ganja greatness that is 4/20, your weed dealer does more running around than a parent with four kids shopping for Christmas gifts. Therefore the day before 4/20, Sunday Apr. 19, 2015, has been set aside as International Hug Your Weed Dealer Day #hugyourdealer.

The pot dealer plays an important role in the war on prohibition by selling their weedy wares to customers who are forced to seek out marijuana in shady surrounds. The day of recognition is to draw attention to their plight by providing them loving encouragement to Keep on Dealing.

Stoner Sundays 212 Mike Rita 710 Show Before 420

POT TV - Stoner Sundays SHOW 212!! Mike Rita WILL BE RETURNING TONIGHT TO HOST STONER SUNDAYS SPREAD THE WORD !!! LIVE THE DREAM at Vapor Central #StonerSundays #VaporCentral #IWantTorontoShadder Touring around is fun but being in Toronto to host the world famous Stoner Sundays at Vapor Central is for sure my favorite thing to do in comedy. The venue style is unique to only Toronto, you can smoke weed in Cali but they have no lounges like us where you can burn and vape inside and watch a show. Tonights festivities start at 7pm 667 Yonge Street Toronto. I’m already getting pumped for the Four Twenty Special Show at Vapor Central!!!!! The show starts at 7:10pm, and will fill up early, so get there early to grab a seat, and get there really early to grab a couch, people camp out for those!

TMZ 202 Roll Roll Roll Your 420 Joints

POT TV - The Mernahuana Zone with Matt Mernagh & Lisa Campbell and produced by Vapor Central CEO Chris Goodwin. Stoners be like kids waiting for Christmas’s arrival when it comes to 4/20 smoke outs. You can feel the excited nervous energy in the area and Canada has a remarkable 39 rallies and we want to try to cover as much as possible in three hours.

The CK POTcast 111 Kathleen McGee

POT TV - THE CK-POTcast! Tonight! This show is going to be FILTHY! My guest tonight, hailing from the west, one of the filthiest comics in the biz, Kathleen McGee! K. Trevor Wilson can't be here tonight, so filling in for him, a man who consumes much less oxygen, the hilarious Rob Pue! Let's get high motha' fucka's! 9pm Vapor Central — with Kathleen McGee, Matt Oliver, Chris Goodwin, Matt Mernagh, Rob Pue, K. Trevor Wilson and Erin Goodwin at Vapor Central.

Stoner Sundays 211 Mike Rita

POT TV - Stoner Sundays SHOW 211!! Mike Rita WILL BE RETURNING TONIGHT TO HOST STONER SUNDAYS SPREAD THE WORD !!! LIVE THE DREAM at Vapor Central #StonerSundays #California #VaporCentral #IWantTorontoShadder Mike Rita in California Breakfast #MauiSkunk #BlueDream #SoFuckingGood #CaliKush Its been a slice here in Cali but its time for me and this little beast to hit the open road for Los Angeles. ?#?CantWait? ?#?TrafficAllDay? ?#?50sFiat? ?#?HotBoxMachine? Mike Rita Comedian from Toronto Canada. If you ever get a chance check him out Funny Ass Portagee!!

Big Brother Canada 3: Vapor Central Hemployee Sarah Hanlon

Sarah Hanlon A free-spirited Hemployee from Toronto and self-proclaimed grown-up version of Lisa Simpson. Age: 27 Hometown: Toronto, ON Occupation: Hemployee at Vapor Central Big Brother Canada will return for Season 3 with a new home right here on Global! Season premiere Monday, March 23 at 8 et/pt.

420 Canadian 2015 Rally List

CANNABIS CULTURE - 420 Four-Twenty, or 4/20, or April 20th, Many well-known tourist's traps have been targeted for toking.

In Canada, all the way from St. John’s Newfoundland at Bannerman Park, to Montréal, Québec at Mount Royal Monument... From our Nations Capital Ottawa, Ontario, at Parliament Hill, to Toronto's Yonge and Dundas Square... From Edmonton, Alberta at the Alberta Legislature Building, all the way to Vancouver’s Art Gallery and many more…


TMZ 200 The Mernahuana Zone Celebrates 200th Webcast

POT TV - The Mernahuana Zone with Matt Mernagh & Lisa Campbell and produced by Vapor Central CEO Chris Goodwin. Tuesday April 7th 2015, from 7pm til 10:20pm, Weekly weed webcast The Mernahuana Zone celebrates its 200th episode with in front of a stoned studio audience at Vapor Central.

HASHMOB MARCH 11AM to NOON Monday April 20th 2015

POT TV - MARCH with the HASHMOB 11AM to NOON | Monday April 20th 2015 | from Vapor Central at Yonge & Charles to Yonge & Dundas Square for 420 Toronto 2015. For the HASHMOB, our 420 March is an important team building exercise. We want to allow everyone the full 420 Global Marijuana March experience.



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