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Drug Prevention Marijuana Use TV Ad

POT TV - Smoking marijuana can seem harmless, but it can cause serious damage to a teen’s developing brain. 220 YouTube users have voted it DOWN. Go to the Video and Vote it DOWN too. Health Canada's Anti-Marijuana Campaign Is A Study In Contradictions. “The science is clear” on the dangers of marijuana, claims a new government ad campaign. But it’s a murky message because when it comes to the medicinal benefits of the drug, the same government also maintains there isn’t enough scientific study.


TMZ 177 Preparing For Stoner Halloween

POT TV - The night of ganja and ghouls is almost upon us! We want you to do Halloween in stoner style and The Mernahuana Zone Tuesday Oct. 28 webcast is going to show you how to Halloween. Tune in and learn how to create your very own pumpkin bong. Last year we determined whether to filter with water or not and watch this year to see if we remember which was better. Watch TMZ’s team make a dab rig out of gourd and learn how to make a pot leaf pumpkin.

Are stoners allowed to dress like potheads for Halloween? Throwing a stonerparty and planning on putting out tasty THC filled treats? We talk about the dos and don’ts of weed treats. Preferably with an expert.

Opus LIVE 040 Election Day

POT TV - Opus LIVE Oct 27th #040 The terrorist threat that never was episode- It’s also election day, be sure to vote, polls are open till 8pm- The Top 12 List- Ginger Snapped plus we still have marijuana to give away and a subscription to SKUNK magazine. Opus LIVE #040 - Oct 27th week 43- 9 more weeks till NYE. or 65 days It’s election day, except in Toronto where it’s ‘Dump ROFODOFO day’ The choices have never been shittier but it’s still no excuse not to vote.


Stoner Sundays 187 Mike Rita

POT TV - Stoner Sundays Open Mic with host Mike Rita LIVE at Vapor Central! The Show Starts at 9pm and we have an amazing Show Every Night with Special Guests, Comedians and More! 667 Yonge Street! Local Weed ONLY Tonight! NO BC Bud! The Show everyone is Talking about, that Lets anything happen on Stage! Vapor Central, if you’re not familiar, is a room full of tables, couches, and vaporizors where people get high and eat candy bars. The capacity is maybe two hundred people.

Vapor Central - Stoner Sundays, Opus Live & The CK Potcast Mondays, The Mernahuana Zone Tuesdays, Weedy Wednesdays, 3rd Klass Thursdays, Live Music Fridays & Saturdays, 420, HASHMOB and much more.

Vapor Central NEW AWNING Re-Branding

VAPOR CENTRAL - As some have seen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, A New @VaporCentral Awning was installed this weekend. Two New Vapor Central Vertical Signs at the front door & A New Awning over head. New panels on the wall, New Awning is UP HIGH... We have had the same branding on the front of the building since 2007. It is nice to have new full colour digital graphics with illumination. At night, it should be bright.


Liberals Justin Trudeau & Adam Vaughan on Marijuana

POT TV - The Liberal Party of Canada last week posted a video of its Cannabis Commitment: It’s time for evidence-based decision making on marijuana. Here’s MP Justin Trudeau & MP Adam Vaughan on why prohibition has failed from the Liberal Video YouTube. Party leader Justin Trudeau has pledged his support for the Official Liberal Legalization Policy. Here's how you can spread the message and help the party right now! This is the first and only time a major Canadian political party has supported completely ending the prohibition of marijuana, and it's an amazing opportunity for Canada's marijuana movement.


3rd Klass Thursdays 306 Hunter Collins

POT TV - 3RD KLASS THURSDAY 2NITE at Vapor Central Now that reading week is over, it's time to hunker down on WEEDing week! Stop cramming and start CHRONing! Quit writing papers and start ROLLing papers! Forget studying 14th century literature and start GANJA BONG SPLIFF CANNERS! Tonight's line-up: from "X-Men Days of Future Past", Massimo! All the way from New York, Anthony Kapfer! Ottawa's own Nick Burden! And your host, the most modest man in the world and quite frankly the best, Hunter "Front Page News" Collins!

Weedy Wednesdays 386 K Trevor Wilson

POT TV - WEEDY WEDNESDAYS at Vapor Central Pro Stand Up Comedy Show Tonight in Toronto , it's guest hosts muthafuckazzz!! K Trevor Wilson with Kristeen von Hagen, Alex Nussbaum and from our nations capital, Dom Pare!!! This show is so sick, it should be quarantined at the airport for 6 months!!! PLUS cash prize for best pubic hair AND a free bong giveaway!!! It's good to be in Canada.

TMZ 176 Does Cannabis Crowdfunding Work?

POT TV - Potheads have taken to crowdfunding creative projects via Indiegogo or Kickstarter, but will they become involved in sites that deal specifically with just stoners? There are several websites dedicated to enthusiasts backing canna projects, but do they need to be outside the mainstream? We speak with Canna Dabba Doo founder Cheryl Shuman at 745pm EST or 445pm PDT to discuss her new online venture. The site promises to connect aspiring business people with stoners with some extra cash.

The CK POTcast 086 Alex Wood

THE CK-POTcast - What a fucking week! Our guest tonight, the very funny, and wonderfully prickish, Alex Wood! It's Cal Post, it's K. Trevor Wilson, and we talk hockey, butt plugs, and whatever the fuck else we want! THERE"S NO RULES!!! Punch your boss in the face, throw your smart phone at a cop, and come watch the THE CK-POTcast. 9pm at the best vapor lounge in North America, Vapor Central.


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