Welcome to Vapor Central Research Facility!

We are a 19+ Bring your own Cannabis Vapor Lounge.
We are located just south of Yonge and Bloor, just above Noah’s, two doors North of Toronto Hemp Company (THC)

We offer a variety of services such as vaporizer and glass rentals, glass bong/rig cleaning, and rosin pressing!

We operate as a Scientific Research Facility as per the Smoke Free Ontario Act, meeting the requirements of the only existing exemption to indoor smoking / vaping laws in public spaces / workplaces. All visitors are participants in our important Scientific Research.

We require valid photo I.D upon entrance and everyone must bring their own cannabis to enter. We also require all visitors to participate in our scientific research – that you complete a brief cannabis research survey upon entry, with follow-up research participation on subsequent visits and focus group opportunities if you so desire.

**PLEASE NOTE: We are a combustion free venue (No use of lighters, Torches, Butane, Flames) with a large variety of vape alternatives for Herb and Concentrate. We have 5 active Charcoal Air Filtration Units (generally running at around 1700cfm of air-scrubbing power each) at all times to maintain indoor air quality and comfort during your participation.

We Do Not allow:

    • Alcohol (possession or use)
    • Hemp Wraps
    • Blunts
    • Batching/ mixing Tobacco
    • Grabba
    • Dealing (inside or outside of the building)



While in the ‘hood, please consider a visit to our bestest buds at:

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www.sacredseed.com – Sacred Seed – Garden Supply / Seeds / Plants / Herbs